Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy


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As this is my first post, I had to start with this book because I am hooked on this series. This is a humorous book filled with magic, action, mystery and a little hint of romance.

This first book is about how a young girl, named Stephanie Edgley, gets mixed up in Skulduggery’s magical affairs after here uncle (Gordon Edgley) died.Why is a skeleton detective turning up at her house? What is his connection to Gordon? Is magic truly real? And the most important question, why does he drive a 1954 Bentley R-type? These are all questions that will be answered if you pick up the book and read!( except for the latter, he drives a 1954 Bentley R-type because it’s his favourite car of the many cars that he owns.)

The main character is called Skulduggery Pleasant and as you may be able to tell he is a skeleton. Some could argue that Stephanie is the main character because she is slowly discovering the world of sorcerers. She is the confused young girl whom the reader can relate to  as they get their heads around the book.

The author of the book is Derek Landy and he is Irish, which is why the book is set in Ireland. He seems to have a great sense of humour because in his dedications and blurbs it really shows. Anyone with an appreciation for a comical aspect to a book would love these books and their author as much as I do.

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