Dogchild by Kevin Brooks

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I received this book as a Christmas present last year, and only just got round to reading it, as school has started back up, and I have less free time. I like the cover of this book and it never fails to catch my eye as I pass by. This book is a dystopian/ fictional novel that was published last year (2018).

I enjoyed the story in this book as it was very imaginative and had many twists in it that I most certainly didn’t expect. It was very interesting to read about Kevin Brooks’ idea of a boy being brought up by dogs and then being ‘rehumanised’. I particularly enjoyed how he imagined the communication between dogs and how their thought process is different from humans’. The reason this book didn’t get full marks (it was very close) is that (in my opinion) the main character was very lucky to a point where it became slightly unrealistic. Also, it annoyed me slightly how Kevin Brooks left all the apostrophes out and miss-spelt a few words to show how not many people could write and so they didn’t have much to go off in terms of spelling. A very creative idea, just not for me.

The main character and narrator of this story is Jeet. Jeet was brought up by dogs and ‘rehumanised’ by his side of the war. He has been told by the Marshal to write a record of the war and this book is that record. It tells you everything from Jeet’s perspective. I like how the mystery unfolds throughout the book and it shows how power can corrupt people.

Kevin Brooks is the author of this book and although I haven’t read any of his books before I know of one called ‘Born Scared’. He was born on the 30 March 1959 (59 years old, soon to be 60) in Exeter. There is a film called ‘iBoy’ that came out in 2017 based on Kevin Brooks’ book, iBoy. (which I want to watch now that I’ve seen the trailer)He is clearly a creative author with a brilliant mind full of ideas! I’d like to see what he comes up with next.

*New years resolution out of the window….sorry…I’m still going to try and review more than once a month though.

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